Resources for Pregnant and Parenting Graduate Students

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The University of Miami is committed to a culture of belonging for all students, including pregnant and parenting students. Information and resources available at the University of Miami to support you are listed below.
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  • Voluntary Questionnaire

    The Graduate School invites you to voluntarily disclose your parental status. To do so, please complete a short questionnaire. This will assist the Graduate School in learning more about our pregnant and parenting student population, what your needs are, and how we can better assist and support you during your time at the University of Miami.

  • Children's Consignment Store

    The Children's Exchange in Coral Gables will provide a 20% discount on clothing and shoes for UM graduate students upon presentation of a valid UM Cane Card.

    1415 Sunset Dr, Coral Gables, FL 33143

    (305) 666-6235

  • Guide for Pregnant and Parenting Students

    The University has a Guidance for Pregnant and Parenting Students that is posted on the Title IX website and also referenced within the Graduate Student Handbook.

  • Nursing Mothers' Rooms

    The University provides nursing mothers' rooms to support mothers returning to work, school, or campus. Each room provides a private space where nursing mothers can express milk or nurse during their time on campus. To locate the nursing mothers' rooms across the campuses, click here.

  • Childcare Facilities

    Childcare facilities are available at the Coral Gables and Miller Campus for a fee. These facilities are not operated by the University and availability is not guaranteed.

    Coral Gables CampusBright Horizons at UM Canterbury Preschool (305-284-5437)
    Miller Campus: The Debbie School (305-243-6547) and Bright Horizons at UM Canterbury Preschool Miller Campus (305-243-3777)

  • Childcare Accommodation Guidance for Doctoral Students

    The Graduate School recognizes that doctoral students receiving a stipend from a fellowship or a teaching or research assistantship may require a paid leave of absence due to pregnancy or the need to care for a new child. The guidance and process is included in the Graduate Student Handbook.

  • Health Insurance

    Health insurance for dependents is an option at the University of Miami. Enrollment for dependent coverage is available through Aetna for both domestic and international students. You must first enroll in the University student health insurance plan and have an active policy with Aetna in order to enroll your dependent(s). Dependent enrollment must be for the same coverage period as that of yourself, the graduate student. Dependent(s) must be enrolled within 14 days of the policy start date (with the exception of newborns). Domestic Partners are not eligible for enrollment.  Dependents are not eligible for patient care at the Student Health Service. For questions about enrolling dependents of students, please refer to Dependent Enrollment on the Student Health website or call Aetna 1-866-639-1420. Please note that the dependent coverage is not subsidized, entirely or in part, by the University. You will be responsible for 100% of the cost of dependent coverage at the time of enrollment. Please note: Graduate Students wishing to enroll their dependents now have the option to process payment on the Aetna portal in quarterly installments. Please contact Student Health Service at with any questions about the plan and coverage.


    Click here to learn about the Aetna Maternity Program.

  • Professional Development Programming

    Stay tuned for upcoming events supporting pregnant and parenting graduate students.

  • University Resources for Children

    Mini Canes Camp

    Mini Canes Recreational Sports Camp offers educational recreational experiences in a high-quality, fun, and safe learning environment to children aged 6-12 years old. Click here to learn more.

    Frost School of Music Community and Summer Programs

    Young Musicians Camp is a unique in-person camp for musicians from elementary through high school featuring programs in performance, songwriting, music production and recording, and honors programs. 

    Frost Preparatory Program is an introduction to music for all ages that provides an experiential learning path for your child or yourself.

    Donna E. Shalala MusicReach Program is an award-winning program that enriches the education of under-served youth in the Miami-Dade community through unique and innovative music education programming.

    Other Camp Opportunities

    Youth Aquatics offers weekly classes for 12 weeks to help children learn how to swim or improve their strokes and techniques. A variety of levels are offered to accommodate children between the ages of 3-14 years old.

    Summer Scholars Program is a 3-week pre-college program that allows current high school sophomores and juniors to earn college credit while exploring their academic passions and experiencing what it's like to be a college student.

    Summer Tech Camps & Academics are impactful programs that focus on fostering a passion for STEM for kids and teens interested in coding, game development, robotics, and design. 

    Summer Theatre Academy is a specialized program for children to gain valuable theatre skills, confidence, self-esteem, and a love of creativity through theatre games and acting exercises.

    Gino DiMare Baseball Camp offers programming throughout the year for children ages 6-13 years old to play and strengthen their skills in baseball.

  • Graduate Students with Children Organization

    The Graduate Students with Children organization is looking for new members! If you would like to become a member or are interested in taking on a leadership role, please contact the Graduate Student Association at

  • Reporting Concerns

    Anyone who has concerns related to their pregnancy or parenting experience at the University is encouraged to contact Prof. Patricia Sánchez Abril, Associate Dean of the Graduate School and Title IX Liaison at / 305- 284-6999. You may also reach out to Beverly Pruitt, Title IX Coordinator, or Maria Sevilla, Deputy Title IX Coordinator, in the Title IX Office as appropriate at / 305- 284-8624.