Meet the Staff


Guillermo J Prado, Ph.D.

Dean, Graduate School
VIce Provost for Faculty Affairs

(305) 243-2748
Dr. Guillermo (Willy) Prado is Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs; Dean of the Graduate School; and Professor of Nursing and Health Studies, Public Health Sciences, and Psychology at the University of Miami. Previously, he was Miller Professor and Director of the Division of Prevention Science and Community in the Department of Public Health...

Patricia S Abril

Associate Dean, Graduate School
Department Chair, Business Law

(305) 284-6999

Emi Michelle Bonet

Program Coordinator (N)

Aude Emmanuel

Sr. Program Coordinator

(305) 284-2971 x2971

Marisol Gonzalez


(305) 284-4154

Jacqueline Lopez

Executive Assistant

(305) 284-2002

Alexander Mas

Assoc. Director, Programs

(305) 284-4154

Ana Clark Paneda

Sr. Business Officer 1 - Schools/Colleges

(305) 284-6212

Tiffany B Plantan

Executive Director

(305) 284-4154

Yuval Lee Pritz

Sr. Manager, Programs

(305) 284-4431

Doreen G Yamamoto

Sr. Editor
The Graduate School

(305) 284-4154
Doreen Yamamoto assists graduate students with electronic thesis and dissertation submissions by providing formatting reviews of thesis and dissertation drafts and guiding students through the steps required to complete the final document for upload in the online UM Scholarly Repository. Before joining the Graduate School, she was Associate...