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Graduate Council Mission 

The mission of the Graduate Council is to promote graduate education, scholarship, and research; to support individuals, departments, and programs in the pursuit of excellence; to foster innovative, multidisciplinary, and interdisciplinary activities; and to maintain high ethical and academic standards in graduate studies.

Click here to download the Bylaws of the Graduate School.

Changes to Graduate Education at the University of Miami


Changes to existing courses, curriculums, programs, departments, school/colleges, degrees, certificates, and policies, as well as newly proposed programs, departments, school/colleges, degrees, certificates, and policies, are required to follow the University's governance process of review and approval.

Click here for an overview of various types of proposals that must be submitted to the Graduate Council.

Some items require a vote by the members of the Graduate Council, whereas other items are considered notification items only. This list is not all-inclusive. If you have questions about whether or not an item needs to be reviewed by the Graduate Council, contact Alex Mas at or (305) 284-4154.

Proposal Process and Procedures

Proposers develop and submit a proposal through the University's Curriculum Information Management System (CIM). Click here to develop and submit a proposal through CIM. Before beginning your proposal, you may want to connect with Dr. Patty Murphy at in University Accreditation for guidance and CIM support. 

The University Accreditation website has guidelines for proposers, flowcharts, and CIM liaisons listed by school/college.

Once submitted, the proposal will move through an online workflow of review and/or approval at various levels. Once a proposer develops a proposal, it must undergo a formal review and approval process at the University before the item being proposed is implemented. 

For proposals related to graduate education at the University, the following are the minimum approvals that are required (some proposal require additional approvals):

  1. School/College Council
  2. University Accreditation
  3. Graduate Council*
  4. General Welfare Committee
  5. Faculty Senate
  6. President
  7. Registrar 
  8. Board of Trustees (if applicable)

*When the proposal is routed to the Graduate Council through the online workflow, the proposer will be contacted by the Graduate School to present the proposal at a Graduate Council meeting (schedule below).  Following the Graduate Council meeting, the proposal will either be sent back in the workflow for edits, or moved forward in the workflow to the next step of the review/approval process. 

Database of Graduate Council Proposals

Click here to download the Database of Graduate Council Proposals. This database is updated at the end of each academic year.

Graduate Council Meeting Schedule Academic Year 2024-2025

Fall 2024
Time: 2:30pm
Via Zoom

Fall 2024

Materials Due By

August 20 August 12
September 17 September 9
October 15 October 7
November 19 November 11


Spring 2025
Time: 2:30pm
Via Zoom

Spring 2025

Materials Due By

January 21 January 13
February 18 February 10
March 18 March 10
April 15 April 7

Graduate Council Members Academic Year 2024-2025


Council Member

Appointed until May 31 of year indicated below

School of Architecture TBA 2027
College of Arts and Sciences Michelle Afkhami
Steven Butterman
Alternate: Joel Nickels
Alternate: Chaoming Song
Miami Herbert Business School Khrystna Bochkay
Alternate: Zoey Chen
School of Communication                     Weiting Tao                      Alternate: Tyler Harrison 2025
School of Education and Human Development TBA 2027
College of Engineering TBA 2027
Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric, and Earth Science Maria Josefina Olascoaga
Alternate: Paul Sikkel
Miller School of Medicine Pedro Salas
Alternate: Jae Lee
Frost School of Music Brian Powell
Alternate: Kim Josephson
School of Nursing and Health Studies TBA 2027
Graduate Student Association Nima Khodadadi 2025


Nicole Leeper Piquero, Interim Dean, Gradaute School
Elizabeth Fish, Associate Dean, University Libraries

Gradaute Faculty Representatives to the Faculty Senate
Krista Goff, College of Arts and Sciences, Primary Senator (2025)
Mitsunori Ogihara, College of Arts and Sciences, Primary Senator (2025)
Gema Pérez-Sánchez, College of Arts and Sciences, Alternate Senator (2027)
Amanda Quist, Frost School of Music, Alternate Senator (2025)