Graduate Faculty

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The Graduate Faculty consists of the Regular Faculty of the University (tenured or tenure-earning appointments who hold the rank of Professor, Associate Professor, or Assistant Professor).  Faculty in other categories may become members of the Graduate Faculty upon a vote of approval by the Graduate Faculty in a doctoral degree program or by the Graduate Council.  Once approved as a member of the Graduate Faculty, a faculty member retains that status while a member of the faculty.

Graduate Faculty determine the requirements for the admission and retention of graduate students; approve those of its students who qualify for a graduate degree; approve the requirements for graduate degrees; determine which departments are qualified to give courses leading to graduate degrees; recommend to the Board of Trustees the designation of graduate degrees; determine the scholastic standards required of graduate students; promote research and scholarship by members of the faculty; promote the educational and research policy and the general welfare of the Graduate School; formulate plans for the future development of the Graduate School; determine its own membership following nomination by the department faculties; participate in the selection and retention of its administrative officers. 

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