The ETD Process: How to Submit Your Final PDF

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Programs with an ETD requirement

  • Biology Ph.D.
  • Chemistry Ph.D.
  • Computer Science Ph.D.
  • English Ph.D.
  • Geography M.A.
  • History Ph.D.
  • International Studies Ph.D.
  • Literary, Cultural, and Linguistic Studies Ph.D.
  • Mathematics Ph.D.
  • Philosophy M.A.
  • Philosophy Ph.D.
  • Physics Ph.D.
  • Psychology M.S.
  • Psychology Ph.D.
  • Sociology M.A.
  • Sociology Ph.D.
Optional (program offers thesis and non-thesis options)
  • Anthropology M.A.
  • Biology M.S.
  • Chemistry M.S.
  • Computer Science M.S.
  • Criminology and Criminal Justice M.S.
  • Global Health and Society M.A.
  • History M.A.
  • International Studies M.A.
  • Latin American Studies M.A.
  • Liberal Studies M.A.
  • Physics M.S.

  • Biomedical Engineering Ph.D.
  • Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering Ph.D.
  • Civil Engineering Ph.D.
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering Ph.D.
  • Industrial Engineering Ph.D.
  • Mechanical Engineering Ph.D.
Optional (program offers thesis and non-thesis options)
  • Architectural Engineering M.S.A.E.
  • Biomedical Engineering M.S.B.E.
  • Civil Engineering M.S.C.E.
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering M.S.E.C.E.
  • Industrial Engineering M.S.I.E.
  • Mechanical Engineering M.S.M.E.
  • Ocean Engineering M.S.O.E.

  • Choral Conducting D.M.A.
  • Composition D.M.A.
  • Instrumental Conducting D.M.A.
  • Instrumental Performance D.M.A.
  • Instrumental Jazz Performance D.M.A.
  • Jazz Composition D.M.A.
  • Keyboard Performance D.M.A.
  • Keyboard Performance and Pedagogy D.M.A.
  • Multiple Woodwinds D.M.A.
  • Music Education Ph.D.
  • Musicology M.M.
  • Vocal Jazz Performance D.M.A.
  • Vocal Pedagogy and Performance D.M.A.
  • Vocal Performance D.M.A.
Optional (program offers thesis and non-thesis options)
  • Music Education M.M.
  • Music Therapy M.M.
  • Music Therapy with Undergraduate Equivalency M.M.

  • Business Ph.D.
  • Economics Ph.D.

  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Executive program) Ph.D.
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Ph.D.
  • Biostatistics Ph.D. 
  • Cancer Biology Ph.D.
  • Cellular Physiology and Molecular Biophysics Ph.D.
  • Climate and Health M.S.
  • Epidemiology Ph.D.
  • Human Genetics and Genomics Ph.D.
  • Microbiology and Immunology Ph.D.
  • Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology Ph.D.
  • Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology Ph.D.
  • Neuroscience Ph.D.
  • Physical Therapy Ph.D.
  • Prevention Science and Community Health Ph.D.
  • Prevention Science and Community Health M.S.
  • Public Health M.S.P.H.
Optional (program offers thesis and non-thesis options)
  • Skin Biology and Dermatological Science M.S.

  • Architecture: Architecture Studies Track M.S. Arch. 

  • Communications Ph.D.
  • Communication for Global Social Change M.A.
Optional (program offers thesis and non-thesis options)
  • Communications Studies M.A.
  • Public Relations M.A. 

  • Community Well-Being Ph.D.
  • Counseling Psychology Ph.D.
  • Exercise Physiology Ph.D.
  • Higher Education Leadership Ed.D.
  • Research, Measurement, and Evaluation Ph.D.
  • Teaching and Learning Ph.D.
Optional (program offers thesis and non-thesis options)
  • Community and Social Change M.S.Ed. 

  • Nursing Science Ph.D.

  • Applied Marine Physics Ph.D.
  • Atmospheric Sciences M.S.
  • Atmospheric Sciences Ph.D.
  • Environmental Science and Policy Ph.D. 
  • Marine Biology and Ecology M.S.
  • Marine Biology and Ecology Ph.D.
  • Marine Ecosystems and Society M.S.
  • Marine Ecosystems and Society Ph.D.
  • Marine Geosciences M.S.
  • Marine Geosciences Ph.D.
  • Meteorology and Physical Oceanography M.S.
  • Meteorology and Physical Oceanography Ph.D.
  • Ocean Sciences M.S.
  • Ocean Sciences Ph.D.

  • Environment, Culture, and Media M.A.

Please connect with your advisor or Graduate Program Director before beginning the ETD Process.

How to Submit Your Final PDF

Submitting your final electronic thesis or dissertation (ETD) to the Graduate School involves managing deadlines and many details, so knowing ahead of time what to expect can help you plan and make the process easier to navigate.

A summary of how to submit your ETD to the Graduate School can be found in the PDF titled "The Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) Process."  Please download and print out this guide for future reference. Here are the basics:


Your final PDF must be formatted per Graduate School formatting requirements. Those formatting requirements can be downloaded and printed from here. You can send your draft to the Sr. Editor for formatting reviews by e-mail at, as a PDF (preferred) or in up to four separate Word files. If the file is too large to send by e-mail, please send the Sr. Editor a link to the document in Dropbox or other cloud storage provider. The Sr. Editor will review the draft and send comments for formatting revisions back to you via e-mail. Predefense draft reviews are optional. Please note the deadlines for draft reviews posted here.


The following three forms are required to complete every thesis or dissertation submitted to the Graduate School: the Certificate of Defense Approval form, ETD Final Content Approval form, and ETD Availability Agreement form. Each form must be e-signed by all required signees and received by the Graduate School before the student will be given permission to upload the final PDF in the Scholarship@Miami institutional repository. The Sr. Editor will check to confirm the three forms are on file at the Graduate School before sending the permission-to-upload e-mail(s) to the student. All signatures on the three forms are collected electronically via the Dynamic Forms system; the student initiates and manages the completion of the three forms.

(1) Certificate of Defense Approval Form: Prepare this form the day after your defense. The Certificate of Defense Approval can be accessed in the Forms section of our website. Fill in the name and e-mail address of each of your committee members and the Graduate Program Director. Each committee member will receive notification that they must electronically sign the form to confirm your successful defense of the thesis, dissertation, doctoral essay, or lecture recital essay after you have defended. This form, when electronically signed by all committee members and your Graduate Program Director, is your proof that you passed the defense. Signees should sign the form after the defense has taken place.

(2) Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) Final Content Approval Form: (NOTE: The ETD Final Content Approval form replaces the function of the signed hard copy of the Signature page from the thesis or dissertation, which previously was collected to document the committee's approval of the final content of the ETD.) Every thesis, dissertation, doctoral essay, or lecture recital essay must have the final content approved by each member of the committee. The ETD Final Content Approval Form documents the committee's approval of the final content of your document. You can access the form here in the Graduate School's Forms section. Fill in the name and e-mail address of each of your committee members and Graduate Program Director. Each committee member will receive notification that they must electronically sign the form to confirm their approval of the final thesis, dissertation, doctoral essay, or lecture recital essay. This form, when electronically signed by all committee members will transmit to your Graduate Program Director. When signed by all required individuals, the form is your proof that the committee approved the final document.

(3) Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) Availability Agreement Form: This form informs the Graduate School of the online availability option you and your main advisor selected for your final PDF online. When you've produced a final PDF that's been approved by the Sr. Editor, you should discuss with your main advisor which online availability option to select for your thesis or dissertation before completing this form. The two availability options are (1) Open Access and (2) Embargo. When you and your main advisor have agreed upon an online availability option, please access the form on the Graduate School website here. Fill in your name and e-mail address and the main advisor's name and e-mail address so you can both e-sign the form.


The following resources are available to help you prepare your document:

Visit the SCHOLARSHIP@MIAMI Institutional Repository

When preparing your ETD, it can be helpful to go to the Scholarship@Miami institutional repository to see what a final, accepted thesis or dissertation looks like and how information about you and your work will appear online. This is the ETD database in which your final document will be housed.

UM Libraries: Research and Document Support                              

(1)    Research: Subject Librarians and free resources for managing your research, e.g., EndNote (desktop) and RefWorks (web).

(2)    Document Assistance: Microsoft Word Assistance, Image formatting, final PDF conversion.                     

Digital formatting support for Microsoft Word (versions 2003, 2007, 2008, 2010).

 (3) Access to online video tutorials on                                         

Writing Center: Writing Assistance from Start to Finish                             

  • Free, one-on-one tutoring service. Weekly appointments available with the same tutor. Make/cancel appointments online.
  • Tutors use the teaching model to help students understand and identify common writing mistakes.
  • Assistance with all kinds of writing (all topics, disciplines, and types of documents).
  • Assistance with every stage of writing (planning, writing, revising).              
  • Web: Writing Center
  • Contact: Richter Library, first floor Learning Commons; e-mail:; (305) 284-2956.

Graduate Writing Retreat: Multi-day writing support session

  • Open to Master's and doctoral students by application
  • Three sessions are offered: Fall and Spring semester during mid-semester recess, and before Summer semester begins.
  • e-mail