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The Op-Ed Challenge is an academic research writing competition that challenges graduate students to present their research and its significance to a general audience via a concise opinion piece known as an op-ed.

Originally derived from its position opposite the editorial page in a newspaper, an op-ed is a 600–800-word column that conveys a clearly defined purpose and point of view and is written by an authoritative voice in the field. Op-ed writers use facts, statistics, anecdotes, and logic to support their expert opinions and inform and persuade the reader.

 Eligibility and Rules

  1. Competitors must be enrolled in a University of Miami doctoral or master’s program that requires an electronic thesis or dissertation (ETD; click here for a list of eligible programs).
  2. Submissions must be sole-authored and written in Fall 2022. Previously published work is not eligible.
  3. Submissions are limited to 600-800 words.
  4. Competitors may seek assistance with proofreading and editing, but the submissions must be the original work of the competitor. Submissions may be submitted to SafeAssign or other plagiarism-detecting software.

Interest Form

Students who met the eligibility criteria and wanted to participate in the Op-Ed Challenge must have submitted an interest form by September 26, 2022.


September 19th

Op-Ed Challenge Kick-Off Event
September 26th Op-Ed Challenge Interest Form Submission Deadline
October 7th

Cultivating Your Public Voice: How, Why, and For Whom Do We Write Op-Eds? - Workshop for Competitors Led by Dr. Christina Lane

October 10th Op-Ed Drafts Due. 
October 13th-16th Competitors can participate in either the Graduate Writing Retreat or schedule a one-on-one feedback meeting with a member of the Op-Ed Challenge Steering Committee or receive writing support from the University's Writing Center
October 24th Op-Ed Final Submissions Due. 
Late October-Mid November Judging
Late November-Early December Winners Selected and Announced

Draft and Final Submission Guidelines

  • Draft and final submissions must be 600-800 words.
  • Draft and final submissions must be 11pt Times New Roman Font, double spaced, with 1 inch margins.
  • Drafts must be a Word document. Final submissions can be a Word document or a pdf file.
  • Include a title for your Op-Ed within each document.
  • At the end of both your draft and final submission documents, include a biographical sentence that explains why/how you are experienced to write on your Op-Ed topic. 
  • For the draft submission, use the following file naming convention: Last Name_First Name_Your Graduate Program Field of Study_Draft (ex.: Doe_John_Biology_Draft)
  • For the final submission, use the following file naming convention: Last Name_First Name_Your Graduate Program Field of Study_Final (ex.: Doe_John_Biology_Final)
  • Email your Op-Ed draft (by October 10th) and final submission (by October 24th) to

If you have any questions about the Op-Ed Challenge, please contact Associate Dean of the Graduate School, Patricia Sanchez Abril at