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International Academic Credentials

Applicants to a graduate program in the College of Arts and Sciences with international academic credentials must do the following.

Documents Required

The following educational documents are required for admission into a graduate program in the College of Arts and Sciences:

a) Official original diplomas and certificates in the original language, and

b) Official original transcripts in the original language (names of courses, grades, and hours of instruction) for every year of study. 

Documents in a language other than English must be accompanied by professional, certified English translations.  Translations supplement but do not replace, the official documents.

Where to Submit Documents

The documents listed above must be submitted directly to the graduate program to which you are applying.  

Program Contact Person Phone Number Email
Anthropology William Pestle  (305) 284-3761 

Biology Maria Shah (305) 284-3988

Chemistry Jeanette Remy (305) 284-2174

Computer Science Ebony Gallagher (305) 284-2268

Criminology and Criminal Justice Olena Antonaccio (305) 284-2075 

Data Science Catherine Wheeling (305) 284-3167 

English/Creative Writing Lydia Starling (305) 284-3840

Geography Janine Garcia

(305) 284-3117

Global Health and Society Catherine Wheeling

(305) 284-3167 

History Lori Franklin (305) 284-3660

International Administration Catherine Wheeling (305) 284-3167 

International Studies Janine Garcia (305) 284-3117
Latin American Studies Eduardo Elena (305) 284-4231

Liberal Studies Catherine Wheeling (305) 284-3167

Literary, Cultural, and Linguistic Studies Andrea Martinez  (305) 284-5585 

Mathematics Dania Puerto (305) 284-2348 

Philosophy Alex Puente (305) 284-4757 

Physics Annie Sebro (305) 284-7120

Public Administration/ Public Policy Yi Fanf (305) 284-1737

Psychology Pat Perreira (305) 284-9078

Sociology Amie Nielsen (305) 284-6158

Studio Art Amy Schissel (305) 284-2542 

Urban Sustainability and Resilience Janine Garcia (305) 284-3117


Additional Information

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