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The mission of the  Dissertation Writing Group (DWG) is to provide doctoral students with an expanded network of support to encourage completion of the dissertation writing process. The DWG is open to doctoral students from all programs, and is a joint effort sponsored by the Graduate School, the UM Writing Center, and UM Libraries. 

The Dissertation Writing Group meets every week via Zoom and the schedule for meetings this semester will be:

Monday 10am-12pm Weekly Check-In/Writing Session
Tuesday 2-4pm Writing Session
Wednesday 10am-12pm Writing Session
Wednesday 4-5pm Conferences
Thursday 4-5pm Conferences
Friday 10am-12pm Writing 'Session

During the weekly check-in meetings on Monday, we will go around and everyone will go over
their accomplishments from the previous week, goals for the upcoming week, and any particular
challenges or questions they might have.

For the writing sessions, we will get together and independently. The goal of these sessions is to
help build structure and accountability into your writing process.

Meeting Link invites will be sent out each week but here are the permalinks to the meeting rooms: 

Monday/Wednesday/Friday Morning Meetings:

Tuesday Writing Sessions:

Conference Links
To schedule a writing conference, use this link: https://um-dwg.youcanbook.me/ 
At the time of your scheduled conference, join me on Zoom at: https://miami.zoom.us/my/ndeyo 

The purpose of these sessions will be to provide a shared writing space. The time will mostly be spent silently writing together, but there may also be brief discussions of daily/weekly goals and time for some general Q&A. The sessions will be run by Dr. Nathaniel Deyo, a Writing Program lecturer who received his Ph.D. in English from the University of Florida in 2016. He has since turned his dissertation into a book, Film Noir and the Possibilities of Hollywood, published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2020. For more information, please email Dr. Deyo at n.deyo@miami.edu.

"The main reason for me to join a writing group was because it forced me to concentrate on making some progress with my writing project, made me stay off my cellphone, and pushed me to try to remain as focused as possible on the task and goals I promised myself I’d accomplish during the session. I enjoy the writing groups because I have a lot of unstructured time since I’m at the latter end of my Ph.D. program."

- Oshea Johnson, Ph.D. student in Sociology

Read our full interview with Oshea on how writing groups have helped him stay focused and be productive.